2018 Booster Club Election

The DHS Athletic Booster Club is advertising for Officer positions to serve on the Board.  These Officers are elected to serve a one year term.  Officers may be elected to serve additional terms.  A description of the Officer/Board positions are below.  The term for each position is one year. Below is a list of the positions on the DHS Athletic Booster Club Board.  If you have specific questions regarding these positions, please contact Jay Jurgens at dhsboosterclubpresident@gmail.com or call 301-370-0263.  Booster Club members will vote for new Board members at the annual meeting.  The annual meeting will be held in the DHS Media Center on Wednesday May 30 at 7:00pm

If you are a Booster Club member and interested in serving on the DHS Athletic Booster Club Board, please email dhsboosterclubpresident@gmail.com by COB May 25, 2018.   

Board Position Officer Descriptions


The President shall:

a. Preside at all meetings of the Boosters, the Boosters Board, and Executive


b. Be a member ex officio of all committees with the exception of the nominating


c. Appoint all committee chairmen subject to the ratification of the Board.

d. Coordinate the work of officers and committees in order that the purposes of the

organization may be promoted.

e. Shall serve as main point of contact to receive and distribute as necessary emails from the Principal and/or Athletic Director. 


Vice President

The Vice President shall:

a. Act as an aide to the president and shall perform the duties of the President in the

absence or inability of that officer to act.

b. Have such other powers and perform such other duties as from time to time may be

prescribed by the President or by the Board.



The Secretary shall:

a. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meeting of the Membership,

Booster Board, and Executive Committee.

b. Record all expenditures in the minutes.

c. Prepare and disseminate minutes of the meetings to Principal (or designee), Athletic Director and Board Members.

d. Shall keep a current copy of the Bylaws and the Standing Rules.

e. Be responsible for the preparation and counting of any necessary ballots.

f. Shall send correspondence deemed necessary by the President and the Board.

g. Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the Secretary



The Treasurer shall:

a. Receive monies of the Boosters, keeping an accurate record thereof, and shall

deposit them in the name of the DHS Athletic Boosters in a bank or banks approved by

the Board.

b. Pay all bills as authorized by the Booster Board or the organization.

c. Keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements which is a permanent record

of the Boosters. All other financial records must be retained for seven years, including

the current year.

d. Present a statement of account at every meeting of the Board and general

membership meeting, and when otherwise requested by the Board.

e. File such annual reports with the Internal Revenue Service, the State of Maryland, and local agencies as required by law.

f. Prepare an annual budget to be presented, during the first quarter of the fiscal year, at the first general membership meeting of the fiscal year.


Information Officer

a.    Monitors and maintains information for the Booster web site.

b.    Provides Booster Club President with information as necessary.

c.     Maintains Booster database (if database platform is in place)’

d.    Sends mass emails to members (if mass email program is in place)

e.    Assists with specific activities/events sponsored by the Booster Club.


Director at Large( 2 seats available for this position)

a.    Attends monthly meetings.

b.    Assists with specific/activities/events sponsored by the Booster Club.

c.     Serves as chairperson to at least one committee.